White Waltham


Orthofix was founded in Verona, Italy, in 1980 but is now headquartered in Texas. Today, the business is a diversified, global medical device specialist focused on improving patients’ lives by providing superior reconstructive and regenerative orthopedic and spine solutions to physicians in over 70 countries.

The team at Orthofix’s UK head office in Maidenhead consulted us as they were approaching the end of their lease and they had more room than they needed in their existing premises. With commercial property rents being a major overhead on business, wasted space is a luxury few can afford.


We initially undertook a space planning survey to really understand how their operations worked and determine how much space they actually needed. Armed with this information, we then introduced them to a commercial estate agent – Page Hardy Harris – and set about trying to find them a new home.

Having shortlisted properties within a certain radius from their current HQ we set aside a day to view them all. The client found having us with them particularly useful, as we were able to offer immediate advice on each space and its pros and cons relative to their specific operational needs.


Finding the right property is one thing. Space planning to ensure the right fit and to determine how much of the floor space is actually required is another.

This was made all the more challenging for us because the client needed an in-house store/dispatch function. This would need to take up about one third of the space they required, and it had to be incorporated into any new premises.

Ultimately, we adapted a ground floor office with a new set of external double doors and added a brick path to create the goods in entrance they needed.

With these new premises being the client’s UK headquarters, they understandably wanted a modern, professional front of house area that befitted their brand and provided the ideal space to greet international colleagues and visitors. We were able to create this using contemporary black framed double-glazed glass and incorporating a right-on-brand bright blue in the feature decoration, all softened with timber cladding which leads the eye around the space. In addition, we installed a folding wall in the client’s boardroom, allowing them to benefit from the flexibility they needed when their requirements changed.

With their sales team being predominately field based, the client wanted to keep the sales and administrative departments separate.

This gave us the chance to create a sales base on one side of the premises where staff could touch down when they are in the office, along with focus rooms to share with visiting colleagues when they needed to get their head down.

Meanwhile, the administration and finance teams were located on the other side of the building. Here their positions were static and storage and print requirements could more easily be incorporated into the design.

The Orthofix branding was kept subtle in these areas with their brand colours incorporated into the flooring and decoration. Brand value artwork was used on the walls to remind employees of the life changing impacts their products have had on their customers.

At the warehouse end of the building, a dedicated training facility was created to enable visiting professionals to come and learn how to use the Orthofix products in a space of their own. This area included bespoke storage and displays for equipment. The rest of the warehouse area was designed around the client’s processes to empower efficient workflow and use of space.


This project had a rather more relaxed delivery than we’re sometimes used to.

That’s because we had plenty of time to get our work completed before the client move into their new workspace and, as Orthofix was the first tenant to occupy the recently refurbished building in White Waltham, we didn’t have any other tenant’s interests to consider.

As a result, we were able to work with minimum interruption and maximum efficiency.


The client’s new space is a complete transformation from their old one, and their team absolutely love it. They now feel proud to invite clients and colleagues to their new workspace, for both meetings and training sessions.

In fact, our client’s European head office in Italy was so impressed with our work and the company’s investment in it that they’re now discussing other locations on the Continent where we can weave our magic.