Maidenhead Berks

We wanted a design that had the wow factor, and we certainly achieved it. There is so much interest in the town now, with people walking by, looking through the windows and handing CVs in to reception wanting to come and work for us.

Paul Richards, UK Office Manager


With roots that go back to the USA in 1970, the foundations of Juice Plus+ as we know it today were laid down in 1993. What started as a small direct sales business has now become a successful, global operation that helps people live healthier lifestyles in more than 20 countries, including here in the UK.

Studies prove that the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in fruit and vegetables, are important to our wellbeing. Hence the experts’ recommendations that we consume five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But that isn’t always easy to do for busy people. Juice Plus+ concentrates the best parts of 30 types of fruits, vegetables and berries into a range of convenient products to help people get through the day with renewed energy and vigour.


We met the Juice Plus+ team at their proposed new premises in Maidenhead. Although they loved the converted barn that was currently home to their business, the view of cows and tractors in the adjacent fields wasn’t quite in keeping with their brand.

Following rapid expansion in the UK, Juice Plus+ decided to relocate their UK headquarters to central Maidenhead. What’s more, they deliberately chose a ground floor office space with large windows to make their presence in the town really felt.

Their brief for this new office was refreshingly simple: all they wanted was a place that reflected their brand and made visitors go ‘wow’ the moment they walked through the door.

We love a challenge and gleefully accepted!


Working with such a vibrant, dynamic brand provided us with a ton of inspiration and material to work with.

We wanted to create a workspace that reflected their young, creative, dynamic and mainly female workforce, who we had already met. They were a fun bunch who worked hard but also liked to socialise and collaborate in the office.

So we gave over about 25% of the entire floor area to the Juice Bar, a place to eat, work and play. This we enclosed all in glass so it really felt like an integral part of the whole space.

We had fun with the flooring design. We stood desks on ‘patches of grass’ and ran paths made of coloured planks through the space leading to the Juice Bar.

We also commissioned a local artist to create a bespoke wall mural and illuminated sign. This perfectly reflected the brand and made the whole space glow with colour.


Despite the compact dimensions of the office space, we needed six weeks to complete the fit out. There were a lot of bespoke elements to install, including the solid oak wrap over breakfast bar and feature signage. And not forgetting that an entire wall mural can’t be created overnight.


The client wanted an office that made people go ‘wow’ and that’s exactly what they got.

Prior to move in, we invited the whole team over to see their new workspace and the excited buzz was infectious.

Our office design capabilities also helped the client really get noticed in their new home town. Since moving in, they actually have random people walking in off the street to hand in their CVs simply because they want to work in our client’s ‘awesome new office!’

There can be few better compliments for the quality and effectiveness of our work. It’s as if we’ve given the client’s business its very own concentrated vitamin shot.