Global IT Firm - Part 2

Moorgate, London

We have always received excellent service from CBS. Their client care, impartial advice, and attention to detail far exceeds any other supplier we have used for these services.

I would recommend CBS to any company looking for a business small enough to care, but large enough to have all resources required on complex projects.”

Director of Real Estate & Facilities


Having taken on an additional floor in their London offices, to provide space for one of their recent acquisitions, we were asked to redesign the space to give the newly acquired business its own identity.

We had to work closely with both client and end user to ensure the new design still reflected core brand values, while delivering the unique styling the newly acquired business required.


The end user required a ‘home from home’ feel for their interior without compromising the technology that was key for their international business requirement. Functionality was the main focus within the design, combined with bold wallcoverings, feature pendants and interior styling to soften the appearance throughout.

Showroom visits played a key part in us putting together a product scheme in a short period of time. We worked closely with our suppliers to confirm products, features and finishes during these visits. Even within such tight design parameters, we were able to give each of the meeting rooms their own identity by using feature wall coverings and flooring designs.

The client wanted a quiet, reflective area in one part of the floor, so we designed this with a softer feel. Throws, cushions and solid oak timber finishes were specified and bookcases were dressed with old books, object d’art and playful lighting, to give the appearance of a hotel lobby or co-working space. This was a space that was much more appealing to their millennial workforce.

Another part of the floor space was used as a collaborative area. Here, a large bench installation was utilised for hot-desking, while soft furnishings helped to create a lounge environment, all of which can be adapted for large company talks or used as ad hoc work places for visiting colleagues. An illustrated gallery wall, which wraps around the collaborative area, allowed the whole workforce to get involved in creating their space and contributing to the artwork on show.

Last but far from least, in the breakout area we had lots of fun creating a secret games room, accessed through a Smeg fridge door!


With release events and the Christmas break looming, we had a very small window of opportunity to make this project happen.

As a result, we basically crunched eight weeks worth of work and lead-time into six, to ensure that the client could relocate and occupy the space ready for Day One.

Working in a large occupied office with a faulty goods lift and restrictions on movement of materials, all added to the fun of trying to deliver this project in this time. But we love to rise to and meet a challenge!


The client’s team were kept completely in the dark about the new design of their refreshed workspace, and a big ‘reveal’ event was planned.

We were delighted to experience them being completely blown away by what was going to be their new home.

The secret games room was kept exactly that – a secret! We’d hidden a bottle of champagne in the room for the lucky person who found it. And the team member who did was actually looking for milk at the time.

What a surprise when making your first cuppa in your new home to find a secret room behind a fridge door and a bottle of fizz instead of milk!