Global IT Firm - Part 1

Moorgate London

We have always received excellent service from CBS. Their client care, impartial advice, and attention to detail far exceeds any other supplier we have used for these services.

I would recommend CBS to any company looking for a business small enough to care, but large enough to have all resources required on complex projects.”

Director of Real Estate & Facilities


We worked with one of the world’s leading, most innovative and most successful technology businesses, who were looking to refurbish three floors of their London offices. The client engaged an architect to develop the overall design brief and asked CBS to drive and develop the furniture brief.

We started out in office furniture some 30 years ago, so this was like going back to our roots for us, and we relished the opportunity to be involved at this fundamentally important level.


We talked to our large portfolio of furniture suppliers to develop the furniture offering. We spent time with the client, undertook showroom tours and provided mock-up suites for evaluation.

The team also worked very closely with the architect on the finishes’ scheme. This was to ensure that the furniture palette worked in synergy with the overall design scheme they were planning to install throughout.


The project was to undertaken in three phases, spanning an 18-month period. Effectively, this broke the project down into three mini projects.

The building was fully occupied at the time, so we had to work in synergy with the building management team so as not to disturb either our client or other tenants within the building.

This challenge was often compounded with project delays that had to be overcome. And, due to the tight timelines involved, there was little room for error. As a result, planning had to be top-notch so that once the furniture was installed, the client could immediately occupy their space.


The client’s home has been completely transformed and the new design style is now incorporated throughout the remainder of their office space, such that it sets the standard for all UK facilities.

Our final design provided for upwards of 400 positions across the three floors as well as a variety of 3rd space areas for ad-hoc meetings, hot-desking and quiet working.

One particular favourite element of ours is a secret room accessed via a storage cupboard. This is a space for quite reflection, completely cut-off from the remainder of the office for when people need to do some serious thinking.