Quality Statement

A Quality Policy for conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 has been established to ensure that:

Our Quality System meets the requirements of our clients while striving to deliver our Vision of transforming every workspace into a place where people feel inspired to do remarkable things. We publish our mission statement in our business plan, which includes a summary of our strategy and how we plan to achieve it. We work to clearly documented Sales, Marketing and Design strategies which include well defined objectives. We strive to achieve our Vision and Mission Statements using our documented ‘Client Process’. We aim for continual improvement via our system of monitoring and review thus ensuring we remain flexible and able to react proficiently to any changes.

The Quality System is audited and revised regularly to ensure that:

– The ‘Client Process’ is followed correctly and is continually monitored for improvement.
– Changes to our process are implemented where necessary and additional training is provided where appropriate.
– The ‘Client Process’ is consistent and accurate which enables company to deliver excellent customer service at all times.
– All documentation is up to date, relevant and correctly filed.
– Management demonstrate commitment to establish and improve The Quality System, ensuring correct resources and good communication at appropriate levels.
– There is a clearly defined Management Structure, with updated job descriptions to meet the requirements of business.
– A framework for establishing and reviewing SMART Objectives is set and implemented at appropriate levels from Company to Departmental and Personal Objectives.
– All aspects of running a business, to include Finance, HR, Marketing and Training are continually addressed, considered and updated.
– The company remains legally compliant in all areas.

This policy is supported by all levels of management and staff within the organisation.