Distinct… or extinct

As business guru, Tom Peters, once famously said about brands, ‘Distinct… or extinct’

Your brand matters. In 2018, Forbes reported that Apple was then the world’s most valuable brand. It was worth over $180 billion. Note that’s NOT the value of Apple’s technology, buildings, people or any of its other assets – just its brand name.

No wonder CEO’s are keen to get their brand’s value on the balance sheet.

We may not reach Apple’s giddy heights, but at CBS we also know our brand is more than just a logo and some colours. It’s a summation of what our customers experience when we create or refurbish their office interior. It’s what makes what we do unique and the CBS team different from our competitors.

And as the propeller heads at Apple know, a brand evolves. It’s a living, breathing thing.

So we had a little evolution of our own

After nearly 40 years in business, we thought it was about time that we updated our branding to better reflect our approach to what we do.

CBS has evolved enormously over the years and we now work with a wide variety of organizations, all with differing requirements. What they have in common, however, is the need for an effective combination of creativity and practical experience – a company with great ideas, and the ability to deliver a fantastic new workspace, on time and on budget.

More importantly though, this is creativity with purpose: the new CBS brand is not so much about us but the impact we have on our clients’ teams, their businesses and the way both work.

The difference we deliver for our clients is what makes CBS different

To paraphrase Tom Peter’s above quote, in our rebranding exercise we’ve focused on what makes CBS ‘distinct.’

CBS aims to transform every workspace into a place where people feel inspired to do remarkable things. We all spend a lot of our time at work, so the impact our office environment has on our attitude and performance is significant.

A great workspace is proven to produce great results for people and businesses and also makes it easier to recruit and retain the best people. We know all of this because our clients and their teams constantly tell us.

Show, don’t tell

But it’s not enough to simply claim that we deliver results for our clients. We want to be able to prove that we deliver a return on investment.

So we decided to start to measure the impact of our work.

Before we even think about design we now undertake a simple Employee Survey with our clients and their staff, asking just five key questions, and giving staff the opportunity to make additional comments. The whole thing is designed to measure people’s attitudes to their workspace and how it contributes to their personal motivation and productivity.

Then, once our office design project is complete and our clients’ teams have got their feet under their tables, we repeat the exercise.

Being anonymous, these ‘Before and After’ results provide a very revealing picture of what people really think about where they work.

The results have been startling

To give just one example, as a result of the office refurbishment we completed for them, the Virgin Experience Days team reported a 48% increase in productivity, a 38% increase in staff motivation, and an increase in their ENPS Score of 32 points (EPNS is a method for measuring how willing an employee is to recommend their workplace to those they know).

In fact, they were so pleased with what we’d created and the results it had achieved, they allowed us to film a video of them enjoying their newly designed office space.

Our shop window on the world

As you might expect our website is the first place to see the new brand revealed. We think it’s cleaner, simpler, more organized and more modern. Given our quietly confident new look, we also reckon the work we do for clients stands out better too. Take a look at http://cbs-plc.co.uk/ and let us know what you think.

We believe the new brand drives home the message that we don’t just design and deliver stunning new office interiors but help to transform businesses, their staff and the results they achieve. We can now prove the impact, value and results our work achieves for our clients, and their teams.

All this has got to be good for your people, your customers, your business and, of course, your brand.

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