6 reasons to get an office dog

All across the UK, more and more offices are becoming dog-friendly spaces – with high-profile businesses such as Google, Ben & Jerry’s, Mars and Petcare all allowing dogs in the workplace.

Dog-owning employees won’t take much convincing when it comes to bringing their pet to work; after all, why wouldn’t they want their best friend beside them all day? But what’s in it for you as an employer?

Here’s our rundown of the top reasons to get an office dog (or dogs!).

1. Reduce stress instantly
In the workplace, stress is inevitable. But studies show dogs can improve wellbeing and lower stress levels simply by petting them, which helps create a more comfortable work environment where employees are relaxed and content. Why wouldn’t you want that for your staff?

2. Boost office morale
A dog doesn’t care if someone has made a mistake at work, has had a sleepless night or is generally in a bit of a grump. So, no matter what kind of mood your employees are in, dogs will still greet them excitedly and boost their mood instantly – which can do wonders for office morale.

3. Bring your teams together
In an environment where employees many not naturally spend time or communicate between departments, an office dog creates an instant shared interest amongst employees which can help increase the ease and frequency of conversations and encourage communication between teams.

4. Keep employees active
Taking the dog for a stroll on their lunch break will encourage employees to get up and about more. This has both physical and mental health benefits for staff and will help them feel more energised for the rest of the day.

5. Increase productivity and motivation
You might think an office full of dogs would be a distraction to employees but getting away from their desk for five minutes to spend time with the dog could actually do wonders for staff productivity. By taking a short break and giving their minds a breather, employees will feel refreshed – allowing them to return to their work with greater enthusiasm and motivation.

6. Attract and retain employees
When it comes to recruitment and attracting top industry talent, happy employees and the promise of an office dog are both great incentives. And because dog-friendly workplaces elevate job satisfaction, reduce stress-related problems and encourage healthier lifestyles, an office dog is also likely to improve employee retention dramatically.

Although rearranging your office to make it dog friendly may require a bit of work initially, the effort is clearly worth it in the long run. At CBS, our focus is on creating motivational and inspiring environments that support employee wellbeing and boost productivity (which sometimes means making them more suitable for our four-legged friends!).

To find out more about our office designs and refurbishments, and how we could help turn your workplace into a dog-friendly space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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